For process I looked mostly at the process of growth within nature. I found it truly interesting how a seed is able to contain all the information and the food that plant needs to initially germinate. What I really enjoyed looking at was the way in which the plants are able to grow the fact that something such as a tree will grow from within the inside of the plant and expand out. I got really caught up in looking at the lines and the rings that are created when the tree grows. It is evolutionary to think that you are able to tell the age of a tree through its rings. this is when i began to look at what would happen when I cut pieces of wood in half. I really liked the surprise of what you get each time that you intersect a section of the wood. I then began discovering that if you span the wood in the band saw that it would create these wonderful burn patterns all over the wood!!! I began to compose the wood onto the wall focusing on the lines of the burns forming continuing lines upon one another. I feel that this piece of work is only successful because of the simplicity allows the viewer to appreciate the detail within each individual circle of wood. During this project I looked at artists such as mia taylor and ceal floyer. Next time I would have really wanted to create a lot more of the pieces that covered more of the wall maybe actually creating an intentional pattern or abstract drawing. Furthermore I think that the idea of having something that is alive and then burning it has some sort of metaphorical irony that makes the piece more complex giving it more depth and structure. It takes it away from being just some wood on a wall but these individual objects that are completely different to one another but are some how the same and work together as one, interlocking and flowing from one to the others.



For this project i wanted to look at the place of mind, discovering what different moods would change the way that I work. I wanted to also explore how certain process’ may be in some way therapeutic. initially i just started out by experimenting with different media so initially i started to see if i put dots onto a page, could you then see the water mark once it had dried. This was really interesting because what then grabbed my attention was when the end of the paint brush that i was using had a tiny amount of water colour on it when i then put the bubble of water onto the page it created this fantastic little sphere that looked like miniature worlds. I then wanted to be able to find a way that i could potentially preserve the bubbles. I then tried out looking at adding glue to the mixture however this then made the bubbles look very different and consequently the bubbles turned matt. I hoped that this may preserve the bubbles, although it didnt which was a shame. Although what got left after was lovely in its own sense as it almost felt like a shadow of the original object and it looked beautiful.

For this work I looked at some of Martin Creeds work. Specifically I looked at a piece called work no. 701. it was a piece with nails in the wall and each nail descended in size and had two shadows and created these crossed over lines represent the different perspectives of one such object allowing people to note the object, but allowing people to make a collective decision whether it is the nail or the shadow creating the piece. I really connected with the simplicity of this work and in a way this is can be related to the dots that I made. If i were to do this again i would experiment with more media and maybe find a way that i would be able to freeze these small spheres in some way or not.



Evaluation of Person. (Hate Jars)

Hate Jars editSo finally I decided that what I would do is think about recycling and how often we throw away things that could be re-used. I started looking at Mark Dion, in particular I focused looking at some of the work he had done that involved jars. He did a project on the thames river where by he took to the banks of the thames at low tide, along with a team of volunteers and began to excavate objects that objects that had a historical or natural constant. I found it really lovely the idea of preserving objects within these jars and cabinets where the objects within become not just rubbish that has littered the river bed of the thames for years but they have been turned into artefacts that are beautiful in there own way and they suddenly have this worth and meaning.

I began looking at ways that I could reuse jars and turn them into something useful and this would then highlight our throw away society. So I thought I could create 100 ways to reuse jars and then collect these jars from people and that create a wall of jars to demonstrate to people all the ways that we are able to use objects that we ordinarily throw away. The book that I looked at for this was a book called reuse it and it had fantastic ways that could could reuse everyday objects, this really helped me to come up with interesting ways that I may be able to use them. I started by beginning to draw these out in a small sketchbook, although after about 9 I thought my idea was too generic, a bit too craft like and lacking in motivation and risk.

I realise that because I had got myself into a place where I was really un-inspired that continuing with my reusing jars wasn’t great and didn’t really do anything for me. So I decided that I would use this feeling and turn it into something productive, because if I wasn’t able to feel positive and come up with something I felt was a solid idea then I could harvest my negativity and turn it into something that could convey this. Hence I created the idea of being able to put my negativity into these jars that I wanted to recycle and then I could capture it and put it away. Only at this point was I sure that I wanted to create my hate jars. I wanted to lock up these feelings that I was having so that I could get passed my mental block that I was having. I started by considering putting the most livid horrible things  you could imagine into jars, such as excrement. Although I thought maybe this was a little too ‘out there’ instead I put things that I hated about people into jars. such as people that spit. This is one of my pet hates so I asked some of my friends to spit into a jar for me. The idea of just collecting all of these horrible things was just fantastic. By working through my ideas and my thought process I was able to develop my ideas so that my final outcome was something I was happy with. This project for me was really overcoming an idea that I was’t entirely happy with and using that to my advantage.

I would be able to refine my work by doing more research into artists that do  a similar thing as well as looking into more ways that I could display my work. This would help me to discover the way that I feel looks best for the work and what does it the most justice.


Create a project based around the word person.

This is a disaster for me as immediately I thought portrait,  this is something i’m really not fond of and find really uninspiring. I really find portraiture and the human form a little dull unless having a real idea behind it is meaningless. Being told to base your project around the word person is not something that is engaging for me personally and maybe its harder because I cannot avoid it. Its quite a restricting word. I felt all motivation and inspiration deflate out of me like a leaky balloon. I am suddenly stuck doing something that I really don’t enjoy.

I thought maybe I could create a piece of work based on the flower of life as its a concept that I really love. Maybe because of how magical and dream like it feels or maybe just because I like the idea that all things within the universe are connected. I thought maybe this could be something that I could really enjoy so I began doing some research on this however I then discovered that actually although I could enjoy this perhaps it would be something that cant really be developed too far. Image


Realising that I wouldn’t be able to take this idea very far I decided that I should probably re think my idea and find something that I would be able to develop, not only this but a topic where I would come across issues and problems that I would have to over come. so  I scrapped that idea.  

Installation piece about a persons life

In groups we had to bring in a photo and come up with a background to the character / person and then create a piece of work based on that story. In my group we chose a black and white photo of a girl that looked slightly mentally unstable and came up with the idea that she was called Yhana and had be abused by her family and kick out to live in the streets. Our overall idea was to create an installation piece that we could convey as the place that she was staying. The aim would be to show how mentally unsound the character was through the room that we would create and then people could come and look at the objects that we chose and learn about her.

This project was fun however I believe that maybe we could have made it look better by putting more care and attention into the piece, personally even though it was my own work it didn’t really appeal to me and I feel that it was just a little generic. This wouldn’t be something that I would come back to, its a little to rushed for me personally and I think that the whole idea of conveying mental illness was done in a way that was to obvious rather that touching, and I feel that art should reach out to people and if it doesn’t then it has no real substance and that is not what art is about. Some of the other pieces that people had made were good I especially like the one that was based upon a poem. However this group had the advantage of being able to go home and collect props to help create there piece. what was really nice was the amount of detail and thought that went into each piece. I especially like the small details they had included such as the books and the bedside table.


Reconstruction of unwanted objects.

I had to make a small scale 3D sculpture from objects from around my house. I ended up bringing some random objects such as hama beads, a candle, some incense, shells and other small objects. I wasn’t sure what to do with the items that I had bought I started by just composing the objects in any way that i could, after doing this I thought maybe i could re-shape the candle in some way i began by lighting one of the tea lights and dripping it into the little cardboard box that the incense cones were in.

This seemed to be working so i thought i would take a wick out of another tea light and put it in the middle of the box so that I could essentially re-shape the candle. I then thought I could make this more sculptural by making it a small environment. i added the incense cones at each corner to look like abstract trees followed by hama beads and small shells into the box so that when the candle is burnt it will reveal the beads and shells. I was actually really surprised that this worked and i was able to take the new candle out of my little cardboard cast.


Fashion & Textiles

This week we had to look at issues that had been in the news I looked at the chemical weapons that Syria had used on its own people when I researched it I was completely shocked at how awful it was and how horrifying the effects were on the people. This actually made me feel pretty sick when I looked at this. I also began thinking about atomic bomb that went off in Hiroshima so thought that my issue should be a world where we have had a world war 3 only using chemical and nuclear weapons so my character is a girl who is having to fend for herself after her whole family had been killed. There is very little food so when she comes across it she needs to be able to move really quickly to survive.

I thought having to get a knife and other things out of a bag all the time would be really annoying so I thought that a utility belt may be really helpful however when really thinking about this when my character would run the belt may move up and down. With this in mind I decided to make a skirt that had pockets and knife holders etc. 

I used torn up scrap fabrics to because this is all that my character would have had. I am really please with the outcome of my skirt and how it looks. Unfortunately I dont have any pictures on this laptop but will up load some soon!

Fine Art

Fine Art

This week was very open and allowed us to really create anything that we desired, I began by making something which was 3D so I wrapped thick string around art paper straws, this created a tree like trunk so I decided to make this into a tree and experimented by taking the string along individual sections of the straws to create the branches this actually looked really good but unfortunately I ran out of string and was unable to finish it.

I then set out making a 2D object and I really didn’t know what to do here to i just put some blobs of white paint onto some black card and folded it in half however what i was then left with was a beautiful vein like pattern left from the paint. This is what suddenly really caught my imagination.

I made more and more of these larger versions with more paint, less paint and so on. I then began rubbing paper over the surface and it revealed and highlighted this beautiful captivating pattern

I looked at Max Ernst and really like how he worked with creating images with surfaces but I wanted to create this pattern multiple times because not only was it interesting to look at far away but was also really interesting up close and I love the fact that actually when you look closer you can see how intricate the rubbings actually were.

Unfortunately I was not able to make this piece as large as I had first hoped due to a time constriction however I am still pleased with how this came out overall I did however want to make this much larger and then have a one large tree over the top of the whole piece I liked this idea because it was actually quite hard to see the tree over the top unless you looked really close.


Visual communication.

So this week on my course I was doing vis com, our aim was to find an article in a newspaper and then create 16 very small collages that each gave an indication to what our article was about then make a book.

I chose an article about Tullow Oil finding and extracting oil from northan Kenya, Auwerwer and Upper Lokone sandstone reservoirs. This is something that really got to me as I feel Africa is one of the last places on the planet where a vast amount of animals still roam freely. There is a lot of waste product when extracting oil. Interestingly I actually met a gentleman in the library this week who over heard me talking to my friend about this subject and actually began telling me how he had worked on oil rigs and was often sent away weeks at a time to go and find oil. He was actually able to educate me a lot the process of the extraction and what is involved, unfortunately I never learn’t his name.

Anyway so I began making my collage and decided that I was going to make a concertina book making the book was really good fun but I do wish that I had been able to think more about the inside layout and how I would display my collages that I had made. I really enjoyed making the outside of the book however I don’t feel it was my strong point and did feel a little lost with it at some points. I tried as hard as I could but feel that if I had had more time available then maybe I could of had a good practice at it and would have known what worked and what didn’t ImageImageImage

3D Design – Crisis!

This week was 3D Design week for me, this at first really excited me I was really looking forward to making something, creating it with my hands using the workshop. However upon finding out what the subject was my mind suddenly went vacant. 


To put it simply we had to design and make a 3D object which could functionally address a crisis. So I am sat there trying to do research on the subject crisis whilst trying to find a practitioner who has also come up with a 3D  solution to crisis. I initially begin by looking at affordable housing. Then moved on to looking a natural disasters. Followed by losing all hope and imagination and thinking about a hairband crisis, because I always loose mine so I thought i could make somewhere for them to go. Luckily I then went back to the affordable home which might be somewhere that the homeless might be able to have to help get there lives back on track. I feel this is a nice idea that would actually effect peoples lives in a positive way. Although then thinking about the environment came to my mind, this is an issue that is really important to me because what is the point in building a home which potentially is going to be knocked down years down the line to build something else and then all of those materials that were used will just end up being going in a landfill and never being used again. 

Looking back over the tree house ideas I suddenly thought about Andy Goldsworthy who only works with natural materials. I find his work really inspiring and although he as a practitioner does not actually address crisis I think what he does do is not only exploit how beautiful nature really is at a rawest he also express’ the vast amounts of things that can be made from them. I feel that some of his most amazing works are the arch ways he has made from, ice, rock, clay etc. they are so beautiful and the shapes that he is able to achieve are spectacular. Furthermore the same goes for the circles he makes from sticks. I could probably talk about his work all day but anyway I was actually really interested with making my affordable home from natural materials. Although yes, it does bother me that people are relentlessly cutting down forests for wood and that is not at all environmentally friendly I do fully believe that if we were to sustain places in the world that were to grow wood purely for the use of buildings and any other purpose that we would want it for then we wouldn’t have to cut down the forests because we could have tree farms. This could also be a conservation project to restore the trees we have cut down. This would be so much more environmentally friendly than making bricks and concrete and extracting steel and iron, I know these things have to be made, but I feel that we could dramatically reduce the amount we use it. 

On Thursday I began designing how my affordable Eco home would look it was a process that didnt take to long as I had the idea in my head already and just needed to work out how it would look and how it would work in its surroundings.

The finished product of mine looked rather like a small little hut how ever the circluar shaped house would be 6 meters in diameter when at its full size. Making a comfortable small home that could be used.

I did a lot of research looking at materials to use. for example I learn’t how to make natural plaster from, Sand, clay, Chopped straw and manure. I also learnt that moss is a fantastic product that can be used as a means of collecting water, being a waterproof layer and insulation. However I would be using straw to insulate my hut/ house. The actual frame would be made from wood and could be easily constructed with wooden pins to hold it in place. These pictures and the marquette prototype that gave me a general idea of how it would end up looking.  


Finally taken some picture of the bigger (not quite finished) version however you get the jist 🙂


DSC_0104 DSC_0092 DSC_0095